Case studies


Male, Chihuahua, 1 yo

Anamnesis and main complain:

3-5 episodes every 3 weeks of sudden onset of dystonic movements of limbs and/or trunk that sometimes worsen to inability to stand.


Currently on therapy with Levetiracetam (25 mg/kg q8h). General physical and neurologic examination within normal limits.

Clinical Examination:

Advanced Diagnostics:

MRI scan of the brain revealed a mild hydrocephalus within normal range for this breed. Electroencephalogram showed some low-amplitude slow-wave (2-4 Hz) with more prevalence on the mid-line with bilateral symmetrical distribution and also frequent polyspikes with bilateral distribution.

Other diagnostic assessments:

Blood count and biochemistry, Cardiac evaluation (ECG - Echocardiography) within normal limits.


In this case, the EEG allowed us to confirm a diagnosis of epilepsy and rule out other paroxysms such as Movement Disorder.

Follow up:

Dramatic reduction in seizure frequency and mild amelioration in its intensity


Brainsurfer offers the option of having the device in RECORD mode only, eliminating the need for an in-house neurologist for trace acquisition. In other words, professionals have the opportunity to purchase an additional software called READER, which allows for self-reading of EEG traces

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