Case studies


2 yo, neutered female, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Anamnesis and main complain:

Regular vaccinations and parasite prophylaxis. For a few weeks, she has been experiencing episodes of drooling associated with suspected epileptic seizures (Video), 3 minutes in duration and rapid She has previously undergone a MRI scan and CSF examination elsewhere: Chiari-like malformation (grade I) and syringomielia (grade II), moderate internal hydrocephalus, normal CSF examination. Request for a second opinion. General physical and neurologic examination within normal limits.


No previous anti-epileptic therapy. Omeprazole 10 mg/kg q24h, Gabapentin 8 mg/kg q12h. Currently on therapy with phenobarbital (3 mg/kg q12h) and levetiracetam (15 mg/kg q8h).

Clinical Examination:



Advanced Diagnostics:

Electroencephalogram. Feature of rare monolateral epileptic discharges (single or multiple spikes, spike and slow-wave).

Other diagnostic assessments:

Blood count and biochemistry, Cardiac evaluation (ECG - Echocardiography) within normal limits.


In this case, the EEG allowed us to confirm a diagnosis of orofacial epilepsy (oroalimentary De Risio Munana – (2022))

Follow up:

Reduction intensity and frequency of seizures.


Brainsurfer offers the option of having the device in RECORD mode only, eliminating the need for an in-house neurologist for trace acquisition. In other words, professionals have the opportunity to purchase an additional software called READER, which allows for self-reading of EEG traces

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