Introduzione all’elettroencefalogramma diagnostico

L’elettroencefalografia è la scienza che studia e registra l’attività elettrica encefalica attraverso l’applicazione di elettrodi applicati sul cranio e l’elettroencefalogramma ne è la rappresentazione grafica.

Artefacts During Eeg Recording

The aim of the study was to describe the main artefacts recognized when recording tracks in an electroencephalogram (EEG). EEG isdesigned to record the different potentials of the electric field generated by brain activity over time; under certain circumstances it can also recordelectrical activity arising from sites other than the encephalon that are not of […]

Crisi epilettiche scatenate dal cibo nei cani

Background: Seizures triggered by eating (STE) behavior are very rare in humans and have not been documented previously in dogs. Objectives: To document the occurrence of STE in dogs and describe their clinic features. Animals: Ten client-owned dogs with STE diagnosed at 5 European referral centers. Methods: A call for suspected cases of STE was […]

Artefatti durante la registrazione interictale-elettroencefalografica a breve termine nei cani

The electroencephalogram (EEG) is an electrodiagnostic technique widely used in both scientific research and clinical medicine. It makes it possible to study the neurophysiology of brain activity by recording real-time changes in electrical potential produced by cortical activation. The importance of EEG in diagnosing canine epilepsy demonstrates its usefulness when the owner’s description of crises […]